4 Tips To Get The Most Productive Time Out Of Your Phone

As the pandemic forces everyone to stay indoors, many people find themselves struggling to stay occupied. If you’re one of them, you have probably relied so much on your smartphone to create connections with others and remain productive throughout the days in quarantine.

But what if you’ve tried all the possible means? What if you’re still unsatisfied or unfulfilled even after scrolling through your online shopping carts or streaming your favourite TV shows?

Chances are, you need to start using your smartphones with a few considerations. Check out these tips to make sure you have a more wholesome, productive time with your gadget now.

Discover Different Types of Apps For You

Little did we know, there are so many apps out there that could be the perfect match for what we need.

So instead of subscribing to yet another video streaming app, explore other types of apps to benefit your interest or your well-being. There are free fitness apps that can help you with simple exercise routines while staying indoors. Digital recipes and cooking guides can also get you out of recipe ruts.


Most importantly, cater to what interests you the most. If you found the perfect app to match what you like, staying indoors with your phone might get a little less overwhelming.

Allocate Time For Your Smartphone

Using smartphones are always second nature to us now, so scheduling our hours to be with or away from our phones can be quite an alien concept. But allocating time can prevent yourself from overindulging, which is the bane of feeling productive in almost anything.

Scheduling your phone use doesn’t mean that you have to set specific hours never to touch your phone at all. Instead, you can keep the time of how long you use a particular app. How long did you take scrolling through a shopping app? How many hours did you spend streaming movies? Timekeeping can help you be more mindful of your digital activities and make using your device feel a little bit more wholesome.

Explore Your Phone Features

In other words, discover your phone to its most entire abilities. We’ll never know what our mobile gadgets can genuinely do if we don’t explore them.

When we change to a newer mobile device, we always overlook their full specs and model upgrades. Take some time indoors to explore what your phones can do by learning their unique features. Do a little internet sleuthing about your phone at the product website or watch community video reviews of your current phone model.

Some phones have advanced camera features that can turn your casual selfies into professional-looking photographs. You could also turn your smartphones into other gadgets, like remote controls for your home appliances.

Switch to a Better Mobile Plan

Sky’s the limit with many things in life, but your existing mobile plan can be one for your smartphone. Hence, exploring all the prepaid and postpaid plans available for you out there can help you make a better choice.

As you understand your needs, you may find that you need more mobile data to fulfil them. Upgrading your existing mobile plans can probably cost you a lot of money. However, you may be surprised that some mobile plans come in really affordable while providing you with sufficient data to make full use of your mobile gadgets.

Take redONE’s Amazing58 Plan, for example. For only RM58, you will earn 60 GB worth of data that you can use to maximise your digital productivity at a very affordable rate.


There are many ways to stay productive in quarantine, even if that means just sticking with your phone. As you consider these, you might want to look through some fabulous mobile plans to help you find more ways to be productive with your mobile devices. Visit https://www.redone.com.my/postpaid/amazing_plan for more information about mobile plans as low as RM8 per month.