• Comprehensive Protection With AIG Malaysia

    Get Comprehensive Protection With AIG

    There’s always a risk that we may face uncertain threats in our lives. Hence, we should call ourselves protected by investing in a good insurance plan. Good contractors all risk insurance plan provides financial security in case any unfortunate incidents occur, and AIG Malaysia is here to offer you a range of programs that suit your needs.

    What Insurance Plans Does AIG Malaysia Offer?

    Look no further than AIG Malaysia if you want to sign up for an extended protection plan. Some plans cover many aspects, so you can get everything you need in one stop. Get all the coverage you need with AIG from your travels, car, transportation, or even yourself in the event of any accidents.

    Seamless Travels With AIG Travel insurance

    Whether you’re going on a trip within the country or abroad, all is well with the peace of mind that you’re protected. AIG Travel Insurance has comprehensive coverage that includes medical protection for up to RM1 million in your travels. It also offers a COVID-19 protection plan that ranges up to RM700,000 to compensate you in light of the pandemic.

    AIG Malaysia

    Home Insurance

    Give your home and your belongings the utmost protection with AIG Malaysia. Get the extensive coverage for your home, including your valuables anywhere and wherever they are at your house. If any damage occurs to your homes, such as theft, flash flood, or fire, this plan covers you, offering you accommodation expenses while you’re away.

    Car Insurance

    You face many risks as you travel by car, whether going to work or on a short trip. With AIG Car Insurance, you can get coverage against damage to your vehicle due to accident, fire and theft. AIG also covers your liabilities to another party, such as damage, injury or death to the other party and their vehicle.

    Personal Accident Insurance That Caters To Every Stage Of Life

    Whether it’s medical expenses, bills, or more, AIG Personal Accident Insurance provides a thorough protection plan that grows with you. Get protection plans that cater to you as an individual and your family as you grow. This insurance is also tailored for your convenience, as you can sign up online or personally with one of AIG’s friendly agents.

    Do We Need Insurance Plans?

    An extensive protection plan can remove all your worries about life’s uncertainties. With insurance, you can grant yourself a safety net to your finances–without one; you will risk losing money to cover any diseases or accidents that might happen. You can also protect the ones you love if they face any misfortune.

    Get Protected With AIG Malaysia Now

    If you’re unsure which protection plan suits you, look no further than AIG Malaysia. Whether you’re looking for protection during your long travels, transportation, home, or yourself, you can get any tailored coverage. Sign up now and visit https://www.aig.my/personal for more information on contractors all risk insurance.

  • MILO®, Malaysians’ Greatest Favourite

    About MILO®

    Known as Malaysians’ most adored delicious chocolate malt brand name, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia like a consumed powder built to create vitality. Nowadays, the nutritional facts of MILO® are produced in over 24 industrial facilities worldwide and are available in more than 40 countries worldwide; its particular unique chocolate flavours are cherished by many.

    MILO® Benefits

    The help of MILO® can supply you with the vitality you require for your day-to-day programs. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, making up 6% of daily life. Also, it is full of whole milk as a supply of healthy proteins, calcium supplements, and nutritional supplements to advertise a productive power launch.

    The Famous MILO® Powder

    MILO® is well known among Malaysians for its powder consumption. With just a few tablespoons of MILO® powder, you may offer MILO® in several ways. Offer your MILO® warm to begin your day during the morning meal or with ice cubes for relaxing ingestion on a warm morning.


    MILO® On-the-Go

    Should you need MILO® in an instant, there are prepared-to-consume items to save you time. Take pleasure in the delicious goodness of MILO anywhere you go in numerous interesting flavours that help keep you stimulated on the move. Also, you can get MILO® in the box with MILO® UHT, which could accentuate your foods.

    Have Your morning meal With MILO®

    MILO® also provides various merchandise you could take pleasure in in the morning. Commence your entire day with Nutri Breakfast quick oatmeal, loaded with the goodness of oats and the delicious style of authentic banana pieces. You may also try MILO® With Whole Grain Cereal to add a lot more fibre to the diet program.

    MILO® Dairy products-Free Option

    Customers of dairy-free items can certainly still benefit from the positive aspects and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy food Free Almond is low in body fat and a good source of plant-centred proteins. MILO® Dairy products Cost-free is ideal if you’re lactose intolerant or excited about a herb-centred diet program.

    Wholesome Way of living With MILO®

    MILO® always promotes Malaysians to feature wholesome lifestyles in their lives. MILO® has actions and activities for people of every age group to participate in endeavours to be more energetic. There are activities like sports training courses for youths, outdoor occasions, and much more.

    Why Opt for MILO®?

    MILO® is a selection in many Malaysian households because of its distinct flavours and nutritional beliefs. The brand’s wide variety of items can be combined with your diet and fit your dietary preferences. nutritional facts of MILO® also aims to make Malaysia healthier because of their campaigns.

  • Kita @ Cybersouth: LBS’ Exciting Development

    Property In Malaysia: A Brief Overview

    Malaysia’s real estate market is ever-growing. From landed property to high-rise condominiums, these projects have gone beyond just presenting housing. To support the citizens, government entities comes with a variety of assistance that include tax assistance, financial assistance and bank loan schemes for purchasers. These selections are available so Malaysians could possibly have their very own home. Learn about ‘syarat pengeluaran kwsp untuk rumah‘ here.

    Introducing the Developer, LBS Bina

    From 2000, LBS’ vision is to be a international developer that actually works to improve communities with quality spaces. Their job spans more than a great diversity of projects for example commercial buildings, residential areas and perhaps list units. Therefore, LBS happens to be given numerous accolades like Asia Pacific Property Awards.

    Landed Terrace Houses By Kita @ Cybersouth

    Kita Bayu and Kita Harmoni are terrace households provided by the Cybersouth development. These double-storey terrace houses begin with 1,447sq. ft. which is an excellent landed unit residence. With four sleeping rooms and three bathing rooms, these terrace houses can do good for new people trying to find a place grow together with each other.

    LBS Cybersouth

    Townhouses At Kita @ Cybersouth

    Look out for LBS Bina’s other projects. In Puncak Alam, LBS Alam Perdana has become the developer’s huge project in the area. For Puchong, SkyLane Residences is high-rise lakeside properties that provide a exceptional view of the lake and skyline. Bandar Saujana Putra is one more township built by LBS this really is centered around area building and connectivity.

    Kita Impian Serviced Apartments In Cybersouth

    Live in a high-rise building with Kita Impian. There are 2 sizes for these units, 551 sq. ft. & 901 sq. ft. Some services in particular enhancement include gyms, multipurpose hall, pools and much more. These Kita @ Cybersouth units are a superb choice for young couples or first-time homeowners as they simply have economic home plans.

    Placed Strategically In Greater Klang Valley

    Kita @ Cybersouth is strategically located in Dengkil from the southern area of Greater Klang Valley. The developments’ closeness to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya implies that features like malls, hospitals and transportation hubs are all attainable. This, in addition to a variety of facilities within the neighbourhood, enables households to grow and maximize.

    Built On Bumiputera Reserve Land

    Kita @ Cybersouth is a gated and safeguarded township sited on Malay reserved land totalling about 633 acres. This development containing commercial and residential units is set to serve Malaysian people and communities to build everlasting memories through LBS’ dedication towards quality and imaginative spaces.

    Learn About Other LBS Developments

    If you might be inquisitive, have a look at other LSB developments. Bandar Saujana Putra is a township that’s centred around community and connection. In Puncak Alam, LBS Alam Perdana was in place to be the area’s thriving development. For high-rise buildings, SkyLane Residences is a project that offers property owners a wonderful view of the lakeside and Puchong skyline.

    Community Residing Kita @ Cybersouth

    Properties at Kita @ Cybersouth are well suited for everyone! Whether it’s your first time or you are considering a property for your family, LBS’ work with this project built on values of excellent, wonderful design and community. For anybody excited about learning more about this development, look at Kita @ Cybersouth at https://lbs.com.my/. Learn about ‘syarat pengeluaran kwsp untuk rumah‘ here.

  • MILO®, Malaysians’ Supreme Favorite

    About MILO®

    Known as Malaysians’ most liked delicious chocolate malt beverage company, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia as an ingest natural powder created to develop vitality. Right now, MILO kosong® is produced in over 24 factories worldwide and sold in more than 40 nations; many people cherish its unique dark chocolate flavours.

    MILO® Rewards

    A servicing of MILO® can provide you with the vitality you need for your daily routines. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, helping to make up 6% of your electricity daily. Additionally, it is abundant in dairy to obtain proteins, calcium supplements, and nutritional supplements to enhance efficient power launch.

    The Popular MILO® Powder

    MILO® is famous among Malaysians because of its powder drink. With just a few tablespoons of MILO® powder, it is possible to assist MILO® in many different ways. Offer your MILO® hot to start daily during breakfast time or with ice cubes for the relaxing ingest on a warm mid-day.


    MILO® On-the-Go

    If you need MILO® right away, you can find prepared-to-beverage items to save you time. Take advantage of the delicious goodness of MILO wherever you go in lots of fascinating flavours that help you stay motivated on the go. You can even get MILO® inside a package with MILO® UHT that may complement your meals.

    Have Breakfast With MILO®

    MILO® also provides a variety of goods that one could take pleasure in in the morning. Begin every day with Nutri Breakfast immediate oatmeal, loaded with the goodness of oats and the delicious taste of authentic banana pieces. Also, you can try MILO® With Whole Grain Cereal to add much more fibre to the diet plan.

    MILO® Dairy products-Free of charge Option

    Shoppers of dairy food-cost-free merchandise can certainly still take pleasure in the positive aspects and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy products Cost-free Almond is reduced in body fat and a good source of plant-centred healthy proteins. MILO® Dairy products free is good if you’re lactose intolerant or eager for a herb-based diet plan.

    Healthier Way of living With MILO®

    MILO® always motivates Malaysians to add a healthful way of life to their lives. MILO® has activities and activities for individuals of every age group to sign to be more productive. You will find activities like sporting activities classes for youths, outdoor occasions, and much more.

    Why Select MILO®?

    MILO® has become a decision in several Malaysian homeowners for its various flavours and nutritious principles. The brand’s number of merchandise can be coupled with your foods and match your eating tastes. MILO kosong® also aims to help make Malaysia more healthy because of their endeavours.

  • Grow Your Business Bigger with Digital Marketing

    The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving; how do you ensure that your brand stands out from the rest in this competitive environment? Emperikal is the top digital marketing agency in Malaysia for your brand if you need a dynamic digital marketing strategy. Emperikal supports your brand with content creation, social media marketing and web optimisation tools to elevate your brand and gain new customers.

    Understanding Emperikal

    In a digitised world, most customers search for products and services online. As a business owner, make your brand stand out and shine online with Emperikal. This digital marketing agency helps boost your business’s online presence with a digital strategy that combines creativity, objectivity and analytical skills to boost online presence and leverage marketing performance.

    Building Your Audience On Search Engines

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a valuable tool to help brands build online visibility, attract prospects and generate leads. Emperikal crafts an effective digital marketing strategy based on five primary elements: keywords, site content, technical infrastructure, authority link development and social media best practices to establish and enhance your business’s online presence.


    Creating Your Brand Image

    Craft your brand story and present it online in the most creative way with Emperikal. Our team of graphic designers do more than just design visually pleasing images; and they push the boundaries to create an immersive brand experience that allows for engagement and participation online. Push your business to the next level by working with us to ensure that your website represents you and your brand!

    Boosting Sales Returns

    Bring your business to greater heights with a robust search engine marketing campaign (SEM) to drive traffic to your website. The SEM team at Emperikal devised an SEM campaign to drive results based on these processes: strategic search engine selection, comprehensive keyword research, practical bid strategy, and identifying relevant landing pages.

    Engaging Your Audience

    In a dynamic digital landscape, your brand’s marketing needs to change and evolve from time to time. Our creative team at Emperikal will deliver the most impressionable visuals to engage your target audience. By utilising eye-catching creative assets in your business strategy, driving sales growth and engaging your target audience is possible. We’ve covered them, from social media images to branding and design.

    Producing Quality Digital Content

    Consumers are always looking for easy-to-understand information about your brand or your business. Content marketing can help create connections with your target audience through creative materials, rich content and a full-on marketing strategy. At Emperikal, our team are experts at curating content and writing various digital content materials to establish your brand.

    Grow Your Business with Emperikal

    The digital presence of your brand or business is the natural extension of your brand’s story and image. Craft an impressionable brand image online with Emperikal with digital marketing tools such as content creation, web development and social media marketing to give users an immersive brand experience and drive sales revenue. Visit our website for more about the top digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

  • Establishing a System for your Facultative Reinsurance Business

    How CAB Began

    Shaped in 1995, the Central Administration Bureau (CAB) deals with centralised web-based systems aimed at removing reconciliation troubles and producing harmony settlements more effective for facultative reinsurance and coinsurance process. In 2020, CAB recognized its 25th wedding anniversary. Its business office is found in Damansara Altitudes, handled through the Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad.

    CAB’s Table, Crew and Stakeholders

    The CAB Board is made up of Chairman, a PIAM representative, a lasting Malaysian Re associate and four supervisory table members, holding a wide stakeholder profile of more than 70 local and offshore insurance coverage sector players. A Surgical Procedure Innovator leads both the Financial System and it also System and reviews on the Assistant (Bureau Director), who handles the CAB’s internal procedures.

    CAB’s Streamlined Web-Based Solutions

    Within the insurance coverage sector, checking reconciliation payments might be challenging as a result of time-intense digesting approach. With all of operating costs jointly backed by CAB participants, the CABFAC and CABCO had been formed to aid the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance sector reduce reconciliation problems, manage on-time harmony settlements and claims recuperation.

    CAB Malaysia

    How CABFAC Benefits Reinsurance

    Facultative reinsurance is protection bought by way of a major insurer to cover business dangers, supplying the insurance firm much more security and solvency in the encounter of any activities. CAB’s Facultative Reinsurance Program (CABFAC) will be the first electronic digital web-structured process in Asia to control facultative reinsurance transactions, which includes the supply element, underwriting unit, state element and confirming unit.

    Knowing Coinsurance

    In The Year 2011, an electronic digital website-structured CAB Coinsurance Program (CABCO) was created by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) to provide coinsurance dealings. Beneath coinsurance, numerous insurance firms offer coverage for customers intending to spread out enterprise risks among several functions. The CABCO process consists of the declare element, reporting unit and underwriting unit.

    Be described as an Associate; upgrade your Organization

    The CABFAC simplifies resolution for facultative reinsurance and coinsurance functions through obvious guidelines and procedures, providing unlimited users with access to the portal. Insurance policy and takaful operators spend a one-off becoming a member of payment of MYR41,465 as well as an twelve-monthly cost of MYR 7,195 with .2Per cent of levy expenses, when brokers shell out MYR1,500 annually MYR50 monthly.


    Who Can be quite an Associate?

    CAB’s participant collection covers widely from insurance providers & reinsurers, takaful & retakaful operators, brokerages and offshore reinsurers to well-known board members such as Lonpac Insurance plan and AIG Malaysia. Sign up for a CAB membership if you want for the company to help from a online-based method to simplify settlements for facultative reinsurance & co-insurance policy.

    Be a CAB Member

    Facultative supervision has always desired rigorous labour that ended in several problems. Considering that 2004, Central Administration Bureau fully transitioned and digitalised its process and providers to supply a reputable foundation due to its people to aid efficient purchases — instilling certainty inside the facultative reinsurance and coinsurance enterprise for 25 years.

  • RHB Bank’s Credit Card Online & Related Banking services

    RHB is today said to be the largest bank with integrated financial services in Malaysia. Since they plan to further grow their market, RHB Bank has tapped into Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and some other countries within South East Asia. Realizing that the single most effective way to compete is simply by giving extra value to consumers, rhb initiated a policy of offering multiple banking facilities to both individuals and organizations.

    Offline and Online Banking

    Most likely the most staple kind of services a Bank can offer always has been the cash deposit account and self-banking solutions. RHB attracts customers to create savings together with a current account by giving above average interest rate to be enjoyed by members. For the most convenience to withdraw and deposit money into the account, account holders could easily locate and use the nearby ATM & CDM machines deployed in branches as well as other locations easily.

    RHB Bank has been monitoring the trend change in terms of purchase from using cash to without cash and spotted that this induced a higher interest in credit. According to the data collected globally and nationwide, a lot of people appear to prefer shopping on the web using a credit card every day. Hence, RHB made the precise move by making it convenient for consumers to apply for credit card online and benefit from a low-interest rate.

    Credit and Prepaid Card

    prepaid cards

    What’s more, as the Bank sees the critical need to come up with a good sense of balance between supply and demand, the company has launched a credit card scheme that provides extra benefits to the cardholders that will be enjoyed when they utilize it for either offline or online transactions.

    RHB Bank is knowledgeable of the idea that possessing a savings account credit card and prepaid cards are insufficient to fulfill a person’s financial needs. It truly is very clear that generally, people need to acquire loans with the bank to purchase high-valued assets, such as properties and cars. For that reason, RHB has made available a low-interest rate for lots of variations of loans. Customers who would like to go the one step further may also subscribe for an insurance policy and buy unit trusts from RHB Group.

    Business Banking

    For corporations and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are made available. They could take a business loan or maybe even connect with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Wanting to ensure that their services are the very best, RHB  has offered online cash management and asset management services.

    These solutions are especially necessary for SMEs, as many different kinds of services including loans can be made to gain more capital for their businesses. For e-commerce business owners, retails solutions would definitely be the most innovative and beneficial services they’ll be able to subscribe.

    Islamic Banking

    Notwithstanding this, attention on the highly demanded Islamic banking facilities has never been an oversight. RHB Bank knows that there is plenty of requests from the public to produce Syariah-compliant financial instruments. In response to that, they’ve already set up wealth management, corporate banking, Islamic treasury, unit trust, and various kinds of other products and services that adhere to the Syariah guideline to the public.

    To Conclude

    The Bank’s annual brand value grew at the rate of 24% in 2016, and that shows that they’re now in the top five leagues in Malaysia. With the aim to sustain the comparable growth rate over the next several years, RHB Bank is deploying more aggressive campaigns and tactics for the customers. Have a look at https://www.rhbgroup.com/products-and-services/personal/cards/prepaid-cards.

  • Looking For The Right Candidate Is Like Comparing Apples & Oranges? JobStreet Job Centre Make Your Life Easier

    Most people see that managing a business is no mere feat, in fact, it is a whole lot tougher to force your company to the peak. An outstanding company is dependent upon diverse conditions, several of which consist of an excellent strategy, timing, product offering, and type of audience.

    No Time Wasted, Get world-class talents the right way, With The Best Recruitment Site

    recruitment site

    Your journey to prevailing an enterprise is no smooth-sailing. 1 essential aspect of an excellent company is to produce the most effective affiliates. With a great team, battles could simply be solved or maybe even warded off. Should you have a number of individuals having great skills and personal triumphs, you are a step closer to the flourishing of your business.

    In earlier times, the recruitment process is an arduous ordeal for finding managers. The outdated approaches to recruiting a talent include publishing openings on bulletin boards, advertising in newspapers along with word-of-mouth. Individuals in the past also didn’t have any CVS online and written them on paper, rendering keeping and arranging a huge database a laborious task.

    Nonetheless, the presence of the digital age changes the way we find talents. Recruiting staff online is now practical and dealing with a large number of applications is no longer off-putting. You can even get in touch with a broader range of audiences by recruiting on the internet and always be time and cost efficient.

    JobStreet History

    Mark Chang Mun Kee first formed Jobstreet in 1997 hoping to present an internet platform to match job seekers and organizations. Approximately a decade later on, it’s now certainly one of Southeast Asia’s leading online employment marketplace. At present, SEEK Asia serves 80 thousand corporate clients and 11 million job finders by harmonizing the communication and matching of job opportunities between hiring managers and candidates.

    Jobstreet prioritizes its subscribers by providing a multitude of high-quality services. Such as to simplify the steps needed to produce a professional account and also to seek out their desired employment opportunities. Using their magic ingredients, job advertisements are posted by recruiters to fit with prospective individuals. With Jobstreet’s talent search feature, the journey to finding your next qualified applicant is really as effective as ever.

    Thanks to Jobstreet, the hiring process evolves for the better. Now, with larger data pools, advanced employee filtering systems, and complex communication resources, the whole process of recruiting the ideal talent for your business is more seamless than ever.

    Jobstreet set up its headquarters in Malaysia, and it’s extended to Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong today. The intention of the company would be to raise true potential by matching passionate professionals with excellent employers within the region.

    To Conclude

    When you’re a business searching to hire, please head on to Jobstreet employer site to discover proficient employees that are great for your dynamic squad right now.