Kopitiam Delights: Coffee Beverages

Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop in Malaysia — one of the many symbolic representations of the nation’s rich culinary heritage. ‘Kopi’ means coffee in the Malay language, while ‘tiam’ means ‘shophouse’ in the Hokkien dialect. These shops started their humble origins as small food stalls in early settlements during the colonial era, mainly catering to the migrant labour population. Since then, kopitiam owners introduced a selection of dishes that were a hybrid of colonial and local culinary influences, from drinks like kopi-C to kaya rolls. Here are some classic coffee beverages that you must try at your local kopitiam!

Kopi peng (Iced coffee)

A tall iced cold glass of brown coffee with frothy milk foam on top, kopi peng is the iced coffee saviour you need to beat the sweltering heat. Unlike your usual cold brew, it is much milker and thicker, as the condensed milk gives the beverage a rich texture and unique flavours. Approximately, each cup is made with 250 ml water, several tablespoons of coffee powder and condensed milk to give it its signature creaminess and sweet taste. Looking forward to having a hearty kopitiam breakfast of kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and kopi peng on weekends!

Nescafe MY

Kopi-gao (Strong, intense coffee)

In need of a robust drink to perk you up and awaken your senses in the morning? Visit your nearest kopitiam and order a glass of kopi-gao — a pitch-black bitter brew made of thick coffee with a dash of condensed milk. Made of Robusta coffee beans, the beans are usually roasted with just sugar and margarine. After grounding the beans into fragrant coffee powder, kopitiam workers brew aromatic cups of coffee by placing coffee powder into a long muslin sock, then pouring hot water through it. This brewing process is repeated a few times to extract the maximum flavour from the beans for a strong punch of ‘gao’!

Kopi-C (Coffee with evaporated milk and sugar)

Kopi-C is 75% coffee, with the remaining 25% evaporated milk and sugar for some sweetness — a kopitiam drink that is most similar to a regular cup of Western-style coffee. Want to cut back on sugar for a healthier you? Opt for a cup of kopi-C kosong is your choice, which directly translates to empty Kopi-C. “Kosong” means empty in the Malay language, but kopitiam patrons commonly used the term “kosong” to request sugarless drinks. Despite the lack of sugar in kopi-C kosong, the evaporated milk is still a nice compliment that gives the drink a creamy texture. 

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