Shaves2U Subscription Plan Review

These days, people value convenience. And thanks to the existence of the internet, social media and shopping apps, we can get a lot of our daily necessities delivered from our doorstep. Food, supplies, clothes, you name it.

It’s the same for shaving products too.

A few months ago, I discovered Shaves2U, a company that offers shave plans for a low price. For RM6.50, you can start your subscription plan that delivers a trial kit containing a razor and a shaving cream.

So that’s what I did. I subscribed to the plan and a few months later, here’s my Shaves2U review:

Placing my order

First of all, the ordering and payment process on their website was smooth and straightforward. Their website also provides all of the information regarding their products and service in their FAQ section.

After placing my order, I received my package about two weeks later. I opened it and made sure that I got what I was promised: a razor and a shaving cream.

shaves2u review

Testing Shaves2U

You would think that at such a cheap price, the products would be lousy. But I beg to differ. I’ve only tried two out of all their products, but the quality was beyond my expectations.

The handle provided me with a firm grip so I had more control when I’m shaving. The blade was sharp, and the shaving cream was refreshing. Overall, it was one of the best shaving experience in my life.


Sometimes, people think that the convenience of purchasing products online can’t possibly replace buying products in a physical store. That may be the case for some products and brands, but Shaves2U isn’t one of them.

Shaves2U has successfully converted me. I genuinely believe their brand can change the game in the shaving market with their low prices and convenient services. I’m now subscribed to their monthly plans so I’ll be getting more blades and shaving creams.