Simple Exercises To Do With Your Kids

The Covid-19 outbreak has robbed our children of their usual routines. They no longer wake up to breakfast of cereal and MILO® energy drinks before heading to school in the morning. This staggering change can cause stress and demotivate your little ones if it goes on for too long. 

But with simple home exercises, you can help your children destress again. Here are some activities you can consider doing at home. 

Jump rope exercises

Want to make exercising fun in an easy way for your kids? Jump rope activities can be the answer for you. 

Not only is it a classic cardiovascular workout that helps with total body strengthening and improves your child’s coordination, but it’s also convenient to do at home with very little equipment. You can get jump ropes of many kinds everywhere now, from sports equipment stores to your regular supermarket. 

Your kids will enjoy a boost of adrenaline rush from jumping with a set of jump rope exercises. Tend to your kids and introduce them to a variety of jump rope techniques, like side swing, criss-cross, alternating jumps, and more!

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If your kids enjoy jumping as a way to release their pent up energy, you can also introduce trampolining at home.

What seems like a fun and carefree exercise can benefit your children in many ways. A good technique in trampolining can increase your kids’ muscle strength and regulate their metabolism rate. So let your kids have fun on a trampoline to destress after a long week of online learning.

However, a good trampoline can be quite an investment. You also need a proper indoor space to ensure your kids’ safety as they play with the equipment.


Doing hula hoop exercises can be a safer alternative that requires more accessible equipment to do at home. It is an activity that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is safe to do indoors, and it is also suitable for families to do together.

Make sure you guide your children to do a good hula hooping technique to avoid unwanted injuries. Aside from safety reasons, proper hula hoop exercises can help strengthen your kids’ core muscles, improve their balance, burn their calories, and more. So even if they’re stuck in quarantine, you will always ensure their health is top-notch even when everyone is at home most of the time. 

Get a couple of hula hoops in your nearby store, one for each family member. Hula hoops also come in various sizes and colours – get your kids to choose the style they like to encourage them to exercise more at home with you. Teach your kids proper and safe techniques and make exercising a blast with it.

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