What You Have To Know About Great Eastern Takaful

About Great Eastern Takaful

Great Eastern Takaful was launched as a subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings in 2010. They offer a variety of insurance products, offering you with the coverage and protection you must have over the way you live. Using their effective approach and service, Great Eastern Takaful has won awards such as ‘Best Takaful Pendidikan Anak Operator’ and ‘Best New Islamic Institution.’

Why Should You Get Insurance?

Buying and selling insurance plans is significant as an uncertain future can be very risky. Insurance enables you a measure ahead, making certain that you’ve gotten ready for anything. Maybe it’s a hospital bill, an accident or even an education fund, getting insured creates a unique solution and opportunity to support yourself financially.

Personal Insurance To Obtain A Secure Future

Besides yourself, your loved ones and friends also deserve insurance. Getting insurance for the entire family ensures that they’re always protected and also be to normal on education plans and life. Secure your family’s future by using Great Eastern Takaful’s medical treatment among other insurance coverages.

Great Eastern Takaful

Reduce your use of Business Insurance

Great Eastern Takaful even has corporate solutions for business owners. With business insurance, you can protect the employees because they are your important assets. Not only can you offer the workers protection, but in truth, you can also extend its coverage to their family members. As soon as you got their backs, your workers can focus on work.

Exactly What Is Takaful Insurance?

Takaful is a form of Shariah-compliant insurance, and it requires members to contribute money to some pool system. Concerning the knowledge of mutuality, this guarantees the members against loss and damage. The capital fund gathered can also be used in Shariah-compliant investments, that happens to be freed from interest (riba), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

The Thing That Makes Takaful Insurance Different?

There are several ways how conventional insurance plans are different from takaful insurance. Conventional insurance is determined by commercial factors and is also subjected to government entities’ law. Since it involves interest, uncertainties, and speculation, it is usually riskier than takaful. For a more safe and stable option, takaful means you can protect yourself through mutuality.

Reasons to purchase Takaful Insurance

Choosing takaful insurance does have its benefits. As an example, in case there are unclaimed funds from investments, individuals of the insurance get to enjoy equal mudharabah payments. Everyone will receive an equal amount, which is following a binding agreement between all participants. This process is the reason why many find this takaful insurance so appealing.

How To Apply For Takaful Insurance

For anyone excited about a takaful insurance plan, all you need to do is communicate with any Great Eastern Takaful agents at our branch. We’ll prioritize mom and her needs and organize the right insurance plan for you. Also, you can claim by bringing every one of the necessary documents and forms into the nearest branch.

Great Eastern Takaful: The More Popular Choice

Takaful Insurance is a wise way for you to spend money on both you and your family’s future and protection. It offers superior flexibility and mutuality a large number of commercial insurances can’t. With the simplicity of application and claiming funds, Great Eastern Takaful is the perfect option for someone to start your takaful insurance for yourself, family and business.

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