• Show your loved ones that you care!

    When you want to show love and care for your family, you don’t have to wait for the right time for grand gestures — it’s your action that matters. Some of us might not be good with words to show them our appreciation while showering them with expensive gifts might seem like a frivolous and impractical thing to do. Spending quality family time, constant communication and providing financial security with personal accident insurance coverage are some things you can do to show that you care — what’s more important than your family’s safety and happiness?

    Schedule family time

    Spending quality time with family is important to strengthen family relationships, with research showing that the higher the frequency of shared time, the happier the family is. Family bonding is crucial to building a supportive family that ensures the children grow up into healthy individuals. No matter how busy you are, do take some time out every day to have dinner or exercise with your family! On special occasions like birthdays and traditional festivities, plan for interesting activities like going on a road trip, a home baking session or volunteering at a pet shelter. There is just so much to do!

    Ways to improve parent-child relationship:

    Constant communication

    Keep your loved ones close at heart with the constant communication, no matter the distance. Do you have children studying abroad? Having elderly parents living far away from you? Use technology to keep in touch when you are unable to have as many in-person interactions as preferred. Video calls, instant messaging — explore the endless alternatives to meet-ups and gatherings. Text or call them frequently to check on them because minor yet affectionate gestures can go a long way. For those living with their loved ones, constant communication is as important. Ensure that you are available to speak with your children and be an active listener when they need someone to talk to.  

    Financial protection

    Financial issues are a burden that we do not want our family members to shoulder — protect them with AIG’s MyGuardian Personal Accident Insurance in the face of unfortunate events. If you are hospitalised and unable to work, the plan provides insurance protection to cover daily expenses, household bills and medical expenses to reduce your family’s financial burden. It is designed to match your growing lifestyle, so you can cover your family and can also be extended to cover your parents. Check out https://www.aig.my/personal/personal-accident-insurance for more details about the insurance plan.

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